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Message started by Owen Dare on Sep 18th, 2007 at 3:57pm

Title: Frequently asked questions.
Post by Owen Dare on Sep 18th, 2007 at 3:57pm
Q:  Why are there blank spaces when I print or view my left list?

A: If you have selected "Print Left List in Color" then the text will be colored the same as is used on the grid for that cell.  If the cell is white, then the text will be white.  If you want to print in color you should either use colored paper, or make "dummy" colors that have the correct name but are a darker shade so they can be seen on a white background.
e.g.  You can create a color and call it **0002 Gudebrod White*** and make it display purple.
You then swap all the white cells over to the dummy color before printing.  Your layer list will say **0002 Gudebrod White***, but it will print in purple.
If you turn off "Print Left List in Color" then all text will print as black. You can then use the "Highlight Layer Changes" function if you wish to have a copyright symbol inserted any time a layer changes.

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Q:  I downloaded a weave pattern but I don't like/have all the thread colors in it.  How do I change them?

A: You can easily swap the colors for a thread the thread of your choice.

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Q:  I have some old spools of BRAND X thread.  Can I add it to the list of available threads?

A: Yes, adding new threads or altering the shades of the existing threads can be done using the Colormap Utility.

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Q:  Can I send other people my weave patterns or use patterns sent to me?

A: Yes, you may use any pattern designed in PicToWeave.
There are several files relating to each pattern.
1:  The weave pattern  - PatternName.wve
2: The layout file - Filename.wlf
3: The background image (if used)
You do not have to ship the background image, but you must ship or receive both the other files.

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Q:  I want to sell the patterns I develop.  How do I stop people changing them or distributing them?

A: If you want to sell the patterns you develop, it is recommended that you print them to a PDF file and distribute that rather than the weave pattern files themselves.

Q:  I saw a great picture of a fish on the web! Can I make a weave from it?

A: Although PicToWeave gives you the ability to do so, you are still restricted by copyright laws regarding the use of such an image.  These laws also apply to making derivitive works from such an image without proper written authority.

Q:  I want to make a weave of my favourite football team's logo.  I won't be selling it, so that's OK right?

A: No.  Most logo's are subject to copyright.  You must have written permission from the copyright holder to use them for any purpose.

Q:  Can I preview my pattern as I'm working on it?

A: Yes.  For best results,   (You need to Login or Register with your chosen wrap thread color, then click on the   (You need to Login or Register.  You will be presented with a print dialog which allows you to select portrait, landscape etc however when you click OK it will preview, not print.

You can also quickly preview the grid by using the zoom slider bar.  It is recommended that all painting of the grid be done at 100% zoom however.

Q:  What is the biggest pattern I can create?

A: Theoretically there is almost no limit to the number of cells you can have in your grid.  In practice however the limiting factor is the amount of video memory and RAM on your computer. The grid has been limited to 500 x 500, but the practical limit for the average PC is probably 250 x 150 if you plan on working from a background image.  A weave this large would need a pretty big rod to fit it on. For really large patterns at least 2GB of RAM is recommended

Q:  I'd like to show someone a picture of my weave in progress, but the pattern is bigger than the screen, so I can't do a screen shot.
Is there any way I can save an image of the weave?

You can save the grid as a JPG from version
Just go to the "FILE" menu.  See the help file  -   (You need to Login or Register

Q:  I've created a weave, or obtained one from someone else, but I want it to face the opposite direction.  
Do I have to start from scratch?

A: NO!
You can rotate and flip or mirror the weave in seconds from version
See the help file  -   (You need to Login or Register

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