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Message started by Owen Dare on Nov 21st, 2007 at 8:34am

Title: Who can use the board?
Post by Owen Dare on Nov 21st, 2007 at 8:34am
This board is open for use by anyone interested in fishing and rod building.
It is NOT limited only to owners & users of PicToWeave.

Threads devoted to PicToWeave will of course receive the most attention from the administrators.  The forum does serve as a help and support feature of the application.

There will be no charge to use this forum.

The subject matter should be restricted to that which each board is set up for.

The administrators reserve the right to remove any post or thread which it feels it not appropriate for this forum, or which serves no other purpose than to denigrate any other person and/or company.

The administrators also reserve the right to ban any person without warning or appeal if their actions are seen to bring this forum, PicToWeave or any other person into disrepute.

Advertising of any sort by members may only take place in the prescribed sections and in the manner allowed in those sections.

The administrators reserve the right to delete and advertising contained in signatures.

If you wish to put a banner in your signature, just ask :)
As long as it fites the content and bandwidth restrictions, your request will be granted.

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