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Home made weaving Jig
Jul 22nd, 2007 at 8:21am
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You're just getting started and you want to see if you're really going to like it before rushing out and spending a heap of money.
Well the good news is you can.

Here's a little run down on how I did my first weave jigs.

They aren't elegant but they work!

You will need:
  • 1 x pieces of 38-50mm PVC pipe aprox 300mm long
  • 4 x Large hair combs. The longer the better.
  • Some high density foam as commonly found in those mats you put under your sleeping bag.
  • Some 5 minute araldite
  • Cable ties (zip ties) (200mm x 3.0mm is a good size)
  • masking tape
  • very sharp knife
  • Tools
    • A jigsaw or hacksaw
    • A drill
    • Coarse file
    • Sand paper

Step 1) Cut your PVC so that it is aprox 75mm - 100mm longer than your combs.

Step 2) Split the PVC down the middle so you have two long U shaped pieces.

Step 3) File and sand the edges so that you don't cut yourself and threads won't get caught on them

Step 4) Draw a line down the centre of the PVC pieces

Step 5) Drill two holes aproximately 15-20mm from each end of the PVC at right angles to the centre line.
            These holes must be large enough for your cable ties to pass through

     O                               O
     O                               O

Step 6) Glue the combs onto the PVC so that they form a Vee shape that touches at one end and is aproximately 40mm apart at the other. Note, you may need to shape the bottom of the combs a bit to make them fit better.

Step 7) Glue strips of the high density foam below the combs.

Step 8) Place some masking tape on top of the foam and mark every 5th slot in the comb onto it

Step 9) Take your sharp knife and make a slit 1/2 way between each of the marks on the tape. (i.e. mid way between 1 & 5, 6 & 10 etc)

You're ready to start weaving!

To use.

Step 1) Determine where you will be putting your weave and mark the rod with a pencil where the holes in the jig line up.

Step 2) Wrap masking tape over the jig for several turns, then back over itself so that the stick side is facing out. The tape stops the cable ties digging into the grips and having the last turn sticky side out helps position the jig.

Step 3) Align your jigs with the blank and cable tie them into position (not too tight!). Trim off excess.

Start your weave!! Cool

One tip I use to speed up loading the jig (especially on sillhouette weaves) is to lay all my design threads completely from one jig to the other. They only just have to be in the jig on the left, but leave extra thread on the one on the right.

Then take a cable tie and form a circle around the threads and the blank right near the jig on the left.
By gently rocking the cable tie back and forth whilst tightening it, all the threads will be gathered together in the centre side by side.
Be careful not to do it too much as you want them just touching, not bunched together.
Then cut off the excess on the left side of the cable tie and remove the scraps from the jig.

Rectangular pipe would be good to as the threads would be closer to the blank.


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