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PicToWeave is released in a feature limited demonstration format.
You cannot print or save patterns until the registration process has been completed and the unlock code entered, regardless of whether you purchased the software on CD, or via an internet download..

The registration code is calculated using the name you supplied and various serial numbers taken from your computer hardware.
The registration is valid only for the computer for which it was created and is not transferable.
Replacing the hard drive, CPU, network card or other major components may result in the registration becoming invalid.
In this instance, please contact PicToWeave Support

For full details see
PicToWeave Registration / Purchase Web Page

To generate a registration request, first install the latest version of PicToWeave from http://www.pictoweave/downloads/
You should do this even if you have just purchased the software on CD as new versions and bug fixes are released much quicker than the production times of the CD.

Once you have the latest available version, follow these steps..
1.    start the program and go to HELP > REGISTER.  You will be presented with a registration screen like the image below.
2.   If you purchased the software on CD, select "purchased via Distributor / Agent on CD".  Note: Do this even if you did the original purchase on CD and have just downloaded an update.  Only select internet download if you are purchasing the software form our web site or have done so originally and are now upgrading.
3.   Complete the rest of the details.
4.   If you use an email program like Ms Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc for you email and it is installed on the same PC you are installing PicToWeave on, then hit the "Request Unlock Code" button.
This will start your default email client and fill in all the details.  You must send this email and await your unlock code which should be returned to you within 48  hours.
5.   If you use a web based email system such as Google, AOL where you read email from you web browser or if you are installing PicToWeave on a PC other than the one where you normally read your email, then click the "Copy to Clipboard" button.  You must then paste the details into an email and send your registration request to .   You must then await your unlock code which should be returned to you within 48  hours.