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© copyright  2007 - 2017 Owen Dare

Revised: 19th February 2017

PicToWeave is a program designed to assist in the creation of designs for decorative thread art.  It's principal application is in custom fishing rod building, but it may be used on any cylindrical object.

PicToWeave allows the artist or rod builder to construct a design either freehand or by copying a photographic or other image.

These designs may then be printed both in graph format, or in numerical format (commonly called a "left list") for use in the actual weaving process.

It is beyond the technical limits of this manual to describe the actual weaving process in detail.  There are many internet forums, websites, books and videos available on the subject.

In the "old days", the rod builder would draw the image that he/she wanted to produce onto a piece of graph paper.  PicToWeave uses the same basic idea, but allows the user to easily change colors, thread sizes etc to achieve a better and faster result.

This manual assumes the user has some knowledge of the weaving process.